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Two-Thirds Of People Have Lowered Their Dating Standards In Order To More Easily Find A Partner

A new survey has found that 67% of people are "less okay" with being single during this time and 64% of people are lowering their standards, and are less picky with their online dat3ing matches due to their desire to find a mate.
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Leather Dog Collar, Dog Bone Tag

Austin Woman Quits Job To Make Six Figures A Month Pretending To Be A Dog Online

An Austin woman quit her job as a clinical optician, because she found new work pretending to be a dog online, where she makes, believe it or not, over SIX figures a month.
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Elton John, Performing, 2013 Emmy Awards

Elton John To Stream Classic Concerts Online To Raise Money For Coronavirus Relief

Elton John recently announced that he will be streaming some of his classic concerts on Youtube for the next six weeks in order to raise money for Coronavirus relief.
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Businessman, Suit, Tie, Muscle Shirt, Tear Away

Company Selling Fake Muscles And Breasts To Help People Look Good Zoom Dating

If you want to look good for your Zoom dates, but are finding it rather difficult since all the gyms are still closed, a company is selling fake muscles and breasts so you'll be looking your best for your net socialy distant date.
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Video Game, headset, Television, Screen

British Teen Having A Seizure Saved By Texan He Was Playing Video Games Online With

Aidan Jackson, a 17-year-old in Widnes, England, was playing video games in his bedroom when he had a sudden seizure.
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Amazon, Packages, Conveyor Belt, Warehouse

Man Arrested After Stealing $370,000 From Amazon By Sending Return Packages Full Of Dirt

James Gilbert Kwarteng, of Palma de Mallorca, Spain, nearly got away with stealing from the largest internet retailer in the world.
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Woman In Pool

Hotel Goers Keep Getting Catfished By These Deceiving Pool Photos

Tourists at this hotel in Vietnam were none too happy to find out that the spacious roof-top pool wasn't quite what the photos made it out to be.
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Toilet Paper

Woman Hit With $7,000 Shipping Charge After Ordering Toilet Paper On Amazon

Before shipping, her order totaled $88.17...
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Bluebonnet, Flower, Texas

The Latest Internet Trend…Pooping On Bluebonnets Using The Poo Emoji

Bluebonnets, they’re they most beautiful flowers in Texas.
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