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Woman Slashes Boyfriend's Head With Machete After He Pees The Bed

An Illinois woman is in jail after attacking her boyfriend with a machete after he peed their bed.
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Verizon, Store, Exterior, Martinsburg, West Virginia, 2019

Woman Pees On Floor Of Verizon Store After Refusing To Leave For Not Wearing A Mask

A woman in Roseville, California did not like the policy of a local Verizon store which required all customers wear masks, so in protest, she decided to pee on the floor.
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Almond Milk, Milk, Carton, Shelves, Restocking

Man Arrested After Peeing In Carton Of Almond Milk And Placing It Back On The Shelf

A man in Massachusetts drew inspiration from the fools who licked tops of Blue Bell ice cream and put the carton back on ther shelf, by peeing in a carton of Almond Milk, and placing it back on the shelf.
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Man, Jeans, Need To Pee, Holding

People Are Now Peeing Their Pants On Purpose To Try And Get Famous On The Internet

The latest trend to go viral on the social media app TikTok is just as gross to watch as it is to read about: the #PeeYourPantsChallenge.
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Stick On Swimwear? No Thanks!

No, no, no, no, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What terrible human being invented sticker swimwear? Why are you trying to punish women!
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