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Texas Company Offering Employees $300 For Pet Adoption And "Pawternity" Leave

Insurance company The Zebra knows the importance of pets in their employees' lives, so they are offering $300 annually for any employee who adopts a new pet, as well as offering a "pawternity leave."
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Here Are The Most Pet-Friendly Cities In America

Here Are The Most Pet-Friendly Cities In America. Six of them are in the metroplex: Arlington, Plano, and Fort Worth.
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DFW Couple Has Fostered Over 400 Animals, From Dogs To Rats

DFW Couple Has Fostered Over 400 Animals, From Dogs To Rats. Check out their adorable fur family photo in front of Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge.
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DFW Shelters Suggest A COVID-19 Emergency Plan For Pets

DFW Shelters Suggest A COVID-19 Emergency Plan For Pets. Local animal rescue groups recommend having a go-to handy in case you catch Coronavirus.
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Fort Worth Animal Shelter Hosting Shelter Dog Slumber Party For Adoptable Pups

If you need a date for Valentine's Day, why not spend the evening with an adorable adoptable pup from Fort Worth Animal Care & Control?!
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Woman Spots Dog Missing For Three Years On A Can Of Beer Advertising Adoptable Pups

A woman now living in Minnesota lost her dog while living in Iowa in 2017, so you can probably imagine her shock when she noticed a picture of her pup an advertisement for adoptable dogs from a brewery in Florida!
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PETA Implores You To Stop Calling Your Animals The Derogatory Term "Pets"

PETA has undertaken a new stance to promote animal rights, and now especially the rights of YOUR animals at home. They want you to stop calling them your "pets."
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Man Sets Up “Stick Library” For Dogs At His Local Park

A New Zealand man was tired of the lack of quality sticks for dogs at his local park.
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Woman Manages To Get All 17 Dogs And Cats To Pose For A Photo

Kathy Smith was able to successfully wrangle all of her cats and dogs for a family photo.
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Shelter Pets Served Full Thanksgiving Meals, Including Turkey, Yams, And Green Beans

All of the shelter dogs and cats at the New Hanover Sheriff’s Office Animal Services Unit ate pretty well Thanksgiving afternoon.
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