The Beatles, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr, George Harrison, Black and White, 1963

Beatles Fans Recreate Photo Ringo Starr Took In 1964

In 1964, Ringo Starr took a photo of a group of teenagers who ditched school to see The Beatles perform.
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Motherl and kids holding hands going back to school with backback.

This 5-Year-Old's First Day Of School Looked Rough

Just when you thought you had a bad day, this five-year-old from Scotland has gotcha beat. Jillian Falconer did what every parent does on the first day of school; she took a photo of her daughter Lucie . Lucie looked adorable with a big smile in the before photo. The after photo tells another story...
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Divers Catch A Glimpse Of A Massive Jellyfish

Divers off the coast of Cornwall in the UK witnessed a jellyfish floating by that was just as big as they were.
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This Woman Taking A Butt Selfie By The Pool Will Make Your Day!

There's a certain art to taking a selfie. Some people have it, some don't. and then there's that rare bread of selfie takers who manage to get the perfect pic, while looking absolutely ridiculous while taking it. But hey, you gotta do it for the gram!
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Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter, Excited, Arms Up, 2002

Robert Irwin Feeds The Same Crocodile In The Same Spot As His Father Steve Did 15 Years Earlier

The legacy of Steve Irwin lives on through his family.
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Photo Of Leonardo Dicaprio Getting Smacked By A Volleyball Is Most Of Us Playing Sports

Oscar-winning actor Leonardo Dicaprio was spotted hanging out on a beach in Malibu. During a game of volleyball, he took shot straight to the face.
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Woman Captures The Perfect Pic Of A Seagull Snatching A Lobster Roll Right Out Of Her Hand

Food...once it comes to the table, do you dig in immediately or do you take 400 plus pics for Instagram?
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This Failed Panorama Pic Of A Dog Is Absolutely Terrifying

Let's face it, the panorama feature on your phone was first. However, it's dang near impossible to use. Who can keep their hands steady enough to snag that perfect picture???
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#TBT Pic Of Willie Nelson In A Bathtub Is Making The Rounds On Social Media

It's the original "Wet Willie"!!!!
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OMG! 7-Year-Old Beyoncé Looks Exactly Like Blue Ivy!

Like mother like daughter! Literally!
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