Check Out The Entire Cast Of The Lion King Next To Their Animal Counterparts

One of THE most anticipated movies of 2019 is...The Lion King.
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Whataburger Salutes The Whatagrads Of 2019!

Whataburger is life. At least in Texas. Not only do we eat there, but we celebrate momentous occasions there too!
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Check Out The Original Cast Of Ghostbusters' High School Yearbook Photos

Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters!!! But in high school!?!?!?
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Fearless Photographer Captures The Moment A Shark Charged Towards Him

A man in Australia managed to capture some incredible shots of a shark coming straight towards him.
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Amy Schumer's Pregnant Photo Shoot Involves Chasing Ducks In The Buff!

Amy Schumer is owning her baby bump! Showing it off for all the world to see.
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Smiling In Your Yearbook Picture Could Lead To A Happier Marriage

Believe it or not, but your yearbook picture could be a good indicator of how good you are at marriage.
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Twin Mom Shares Hilarious Family Pic, Flashes A Little Baby Butt Crack

With Christmas right around the corner, families are doing their best to get in the perfect family portrait. However, those beautiful family moments don't always go according to plan.
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Jimmy Kimmel Is So Mean! Forces Little Kids To Meet Michael Myers

We all know that one kiddo who didn't enjoy their first experience meeting Santa Claus. Even though they love the idea of old Saint Nick bringing them presents on Christmas Eve, that first meeting is usually pretty scary. So why not take the idea of the traditional Santa pics and apply it to...
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Parents-To-Be Go Viral For Alien Themed Maternity Shoot

Alien is easily one of the the scariest movies of all time. In fact, the first film of the franchise is known for one scene in particular...when an alien bursts out of a crew member's chest. That scene is so famous, even Space Balls paid homage to it. It's unforgettable.
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Halle Berry's Epic Happy Birthday Gift From Will Smith: A Morphed Pic Of Them Together

Happy belated birthday to Halle Berry! The actress turned the big 5-2 on Tuesday. And like all good friends, Will Smith was there to wish her a very happy birthday on Instagram. Not to mention, he did so with one of the internet's most amazing pictures of all time!
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