Photoshopped Beardy Ted Cruz On Wolverine's Body Goes Viral

If Ted Cruz ever decides to run for president again, we've found his campaign poster!
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Why Would You Photoshop Abs On The Pillsbury Doughboy? It's Terrifying!

The Pillsbury Doughboy is supposed to be doughy. That's his thing. He's been adorably round for over 50 years. Why change him?
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Ha! Someone Swapped Out Pauly D's Hair For A Reese's Peanut Butter Cup

Nothing but greatness comes out of the Jersey Shore. Normally, the "fun stuff" happens to Snooki or the Situation. However, the limelight shines brightly upon Pauly D. today. Pauly D., a DJ, is probably better known for his hair. He keeps it nice and neat on the bottom with a close shave. The top...
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Ever Wonder What Your Kid's Drawings Would Look Like In Real Life? Meet The Dad Making Who's Making It Happen With His Kids

Let's be real, kids can draw some pretty crazy things. While most parents won't admit it, there are times where you smile like you know what it is, but really deep down inside you have no clue what you're looking at.
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Fried Chicken

KFC Turns Fried Chicken Into Fiery Explosions For Hot & Spicy Chicken Ad

KFC Hong Kong wanted to promote its brand new Hot & Spicy Chicken. They may have created the greatest advertisement of all time.
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Photo of Barack Obama With A Beard Is Going Viral!

Ever wondered what former President Barack Obama would look like with a beard?
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