Eddie Van Halen, Concert, Guitar, Solo, CONSOL Energy Center, 2012

Unknowing Fan Asks Eddie Van Halen To Take A Picture Of Him At A Concert

A few nights ago, Eddie Van Halen attended the Tool concert in Los Angeles with his son, Wolfgang.
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Cash Cam, Camera, Windshield, Car, Hand

Car Thief Stunned After Dash Cam Captures Him Mid-Theft

A woman in Beaverton, Oregon recently had his car broken into.
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This Woman Taking A Butt Selfie By The Pool Will Make Your Day!

There's a certain art to taking a selfie. Some people have it, some don't. and then there's that rare bread of selfie takers who manage to get the perfect pic, while looking absolutely ridiculous while taking it. But hey, you gotta do it for the gram!
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Starfleet Logo From ‘Star Trek’ Spotted On Mars

A satellite orbiting the red planet took a picture of what looks like the logo used in Star Trek.
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Kim Kardashian Shares The First Pic Of Baby Psalm

Psalm West in finally on Instagram!!! Ok, ok, he won't exactly be posting selfies any time soon, it's all via his famous momma, Kim Kardashian.
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Woman Captures The Perfect Pic Of A Seagull Snatching A Lobster Roll Right Out Of Her Hand

Food...once it comes to the table, do you dig in immediately or do you take 400 plus pics for Instagram?
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Check Out This Pic Of The Goonies Past & Present

Goonies never say die!
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Game Of Thrones Back Under Fire After Image Surfaces Of Jaime Lannister With His Real Hand

Game of Thrones just can't catch a break. Last week we all lost our minds over a coffee cup that landed in a scene. This week, there's controversy of Jaime Lannister's gold hand.
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Channing Tatum Lost A Bet & Had To Post A Naked Pic Of Himself On Instagram

Channing Tatum NEEDS to lose more bets!
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This Failed Panorama Pic Of A Dog Is Absolutely Terrifying

Let's face it, the panorama feature on your phone was cool...at first. However, it's dang near impossible to use. Who can keep their hands steady enough to snag that perfect picture???
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