Police officer has just pulled over a brunette woman and approaches her car.

Texan Woman Sues Police After Cop Removes Tampon For Search

This is the ultimate invasion of privacy . During the summer of 2016, a woman named Natalie D. Simms was sitting on a curb, waiting for her boyfriend, when San Antonio police officers approached her. The department had been investigating the neighborhood for drug activity. Simms' car was parked...
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ID, Drivers License

Man Arrested After Using Fake “McLovin” ID To Get Into Bar

An Iowa man is in trouble with the law after using a fake ID to get into a local bar.
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Jane Fonda, MAGIC Convention, 2019

Jane Fonda Arrested After Protesting Outside US Capitol

Actress Jane Fonda was arrested Friday while protesting on the steps of the US Capitol. Fonda, 81, was among the 16 arrested Friday afternoon while rallying for climate change. Fonda was officially charged with “crowding, obstructing, or incommoding.” Multiple protesters, including Jane Fonda,...
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Chicken Nuggets, Plate, Crispy, Pile

Vegan Calls Police After Friends Trick Her Into Eating Chicken Nuggets

An anonymous woman shared a story to the website Reddit about how her friends tricked her, a vegan, into eating actual chicken nuggets.
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Voodoo Doll, Background, Dramatic Lighting

Texas Man Tells Police "Voodoo" Made Him Steal From Walmart

A 29-year-old Lufkin man was arrested last week after being caught trying to shoplift items out of a local Walmart.
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Armed Robbery, Gun, Money, Cash, Robbery

Texas Man Robs Bank To Help Pay For Wedding The Next Day

Heath Bumpous was not standing next to his bride when the couple was supposed to be married this past Saturday.
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Bank Teller, Bank, Bank Window, Money

60-Year-Old Woman Fights Off Armed Robber At Abilene Bank

Jill Beatty was the first person to arrive at First State Bank in Abilene the morning of September 24.
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Cash Cam, Camera, Windshield, Car, Hand

Car Thief Stunned After Dash Cam Captures Him Mid-Theft

A woman in Beaverton, Oregon recently had his car broken into.
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Couple, Angry, Divorce, Proceedings, Lawyer, Gavel, Marriage

Texas Man Wanted For Completing A Divorce Without Telling His Wife

Going through a divorce can potentially be one of the most devastating things one can go through.
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Bread, Loaf, Wooden Board, Background

11-Year-Old Girl Scares Off Armed Robber With Loaf Of Bread

An armed robber left a supermarket in southern England after some quick thinking from a father and daughter who where shopping at the time.
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