Caricature, Sketch, Artist, Drawing

Artist Draws Caricature Of Man Who Robbed Him Of $500

Police in Riverside, California are on the lookout for a man accused of stealing $500 from a street artist.
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Horse, Roaming, Street, Highway

Drunk Man Arrested After Riding Horse Down Dallas Highway

A man in Dallas was arrested last night after witnesses say he was driving erratically, and possibly drunk.
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Christmas, Decorations, Lawn, Nativity Scene

Woman Steals Baby Jesus From Parker County Nativity Scene

Police in Parker County are on the lookout for a woman who stole baby Jesus from an area nativity scene.
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Bath, Water, Tub, Full, Overflow

Woman Stuck In Bath For Eight Days Rescued After Food Delivery Service Got Worried

A woman decided to settle in for a bath at her home in Loughborough, Leicestershire when she got a little too comfy.
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Adorable Video Shows Officer Pull Kids Over in Traffic Stop

You have the right to remain adorable. A police officer in South Florida pulled over two tykes behind the wheel after he caught them “speeding.” Officer Clayton Harris turned on his lights and apprehended the boy and girl, both his kids, in a toy truck. “We know how to drive. Bye-Bye!" -- A Florida...
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Barbell, Deadlift, Weights, Powerlift, Feet, Mat,

Home Intruder Taken Down By 82-Year-Old Bodybuilding Grandma

A home intruder in Rochester, New York picked the wrong house to break into.
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Bologna, Slices, Cutting Board, Knife

U.S. Border Patrol Seizes 154 Pounds Of Illegal Bologna At Texas-Mexico Border

While the war on drugs rages on, the war on bologna appears to only be just beginning.
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Police Officer, Dog, Police Dog, German Shepherd, K-9

New Texas Law Will Allow K-9 Officers Retire With Their Handlers

The relationship between a K-9 officer and its handler is a special one
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Police Officer, Uniform, Badge

Police Officer Suspended After Being Filmed Dancing Naked At Nightclub

Officer Cebron Hackett of the Conway, Arkansas Police Department was recently suspended from his position for 30 days.
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Cat, Attack, Bite, Teeth

Man Faces Prison After Attacking Police With Cat

A Moscow man is facing jail time after he attacked police officers with a cat.
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