Police, Officers, Guards, Yellow Background

Bangkok Police Officers Recreate Couple's Public Sex Act In Bizarre Photo

A couple was recently caught having relations in public against a tree near the the prestigious Kasetsart University in Bangkok, Thailand.
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Taco Bell, Restaurant, Tallahassee, Exterior, 2019

Man Attempts To Stab Taco Bell Employee After Getting Upset About Free Taco

A man in Virginia went to his local Taco Bell wanting a taco.
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Ranch Dressing, Bowl, Table

Man Douses Woman In Ranch Dressing During Argument

A man in Wisconsin was recently apprehended by police for allegedly assaulting a woman during an argument.
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Taco Bell, Restaurant, Tallahassee, Exterior, 2019

Police Searching For Man Who Broke Into Taco Bell, Made Food, And Then Took A Nap

Police in Lawrenceville, Georgia are on the lookout for a man who broke into a local Taco Bell while the restaurant was closed early Christmas morning.
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Firefighter, Australia, New South Wales, Bushfire, Trees, Forest, Fire, 2019

Police Charge 24 Individuals With Intentionally Starting Australian Bushfires

Though the nation’s drought and extreme heat are also to blame, authorities in Australia are zeroing in on a group of individuals they believe responsible for the catastrophic bushfires sweeping the nation.
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Dr Pepper, Cups, Sidelines, Football Game

Man Holds Gun To Son’s Head For Drinking The Last Dr Pepper In The Fridge

Chad Kinnaird of West Monroe, Louisiana was arrested New Year’s Day for an incident involving his son just four days prior.
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Couple, Bed, Romance, Sex, Arms, Hands, Intertwined

Man Arrested After Trying To Avoid Having Sex With His Girlfriend

Khrystian Collins had to spend some times behind bars after police were called to the apartment complex he shares with his girlfriend.
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Police, Officer, Traffic Stop, Pulled Over, Car, Neighborhood

Officers Surprise Drivers With Cash Instead Of Tickets After Being Pulled Over

Drivers in California's Madera County were in for a nice surprise after being pulled over for minor traffic violations.
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Dog, Golden Retriever, Puppy, Toy

Police Therapy Dog Caught Stealing And Hoarding Toys Donated For Charity Drive

A Massachusetts police department noticed that several toys donated for a charity drive had mysteriously gone missing.
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Frozen Shrimp

Man Stuffs 30 Bags Of Frozen Shrimp Down Pants In Grocery Store Theft

A man is wanted for stealing multiple bags of shrimp from a Southern California grocery store.
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