Man, Sword, Katana, White Background

Man Arrested After Chasing Neighbor Who Asked Him To Turn Down His Music With A Sword

7-year-old Benjamin Layland was recently charged with criminal threatening after he chased his neighbor down a hallway with a sword after he asked him to turn down his music.
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Grocery Store, Produce, Vegetables, Farmer's Market

Woman's Intentionally Coughs On Product, Costing Grocery Store $35,000 In A "Very Twisted Prank"

A Pennsylvania woman ventured into a local grocery store, and proceeded to intentionally cough on various items, including produce, a small section of the bakery, and a meat case. While it is not believed she is infected with the Coronavirus, this "prank" cost the store over $35,000 in lost product.
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Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Stack, Close Up

Florida Man Tries To Eat Stolen Debit Card, Immediately Admits To Police He's Carrying Cocaine

Police in Orange County, Florida were recently called to the scene of a man trying to purchase jewelry and gift cards with a stolen card.
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Police, Lights, Car, Street, Police Stop

Woman Arrested For DUI After Refusing To Stop Dancing In Her Front Seat And Flashing The Officer

A stripper in Illinois was recently pulled over after officers suspected her of driving under the infleuence.
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Dog, Shaving, Grooming, Razor, Wool Clipper

Police Responding To Calls Of A Lion On The Loose Find Just An Unusually Shaved Dog

Police in Spain responding to calls of a lion loose in a neighborhood that turned out to be a dog with a very unsual haircut.
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Doughnuts, Pink Background, Fancy Doughnuts

Cops Find Man Who Robbed A Doughnut Shop With A Hatchet A Block Away Eating A Doughnut

A man in Portland was recently arrested after he was caught less than a block away, eating one of the doughnuts he just stole from a shop with a hatchet.
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Karaoke Bar, Microphone, Bar, Patrons, People, Lights, Blurry

Man Pulls Gun In Karaoke Bar After Getting Upset With Someone’s Song Choice

A 34-year-old man in Indiana was arrested after he allegedly pulled a gun at as bar, after he grew upset with someone's choice of song during karaoke.
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Police, Stop, Pulled Over, Driving, Vehicle, Neighborhood

Man Driving With Plates That Expired In 1997 Tells Police He Was "Too Busy" To Renew Them

A man in Louisiana was pulled over for driving with expired plates. He tried to explain to the officers that he had been too busy recently and it slipped his mind. Too bad the plates expired in 1997!
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Playground, Equipment, Empty, City

Flat-Earther Arrested After Screaming Rhetoric At Children On A Playground

A prominent member of the flat-Earther community was arrested in South Carolina after video showed him approaching a local playground and screaming rhetoric to a group of scared, and probably confused, children.
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Meth, Crystals, Microscope

Police Departments Volunteer To Test Meth For Contamination With Coronavirus

Various police departments across the country have offered their services for anyone to bring their meth in to test if its contaminated with the coronavirus.
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