Big Brother Literally Drops Baby Sister As Soon As He Hears The Diaper Gurgle

Big brothers can be so sweet...at least until things get real.
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McDonald's Issues Warning After Finding Poop In Their Salads!

Across 10 different states, over 163 people have fallen ill due to fecal matter in their McDonald's salads. It's not just mild cases, either.
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Train Cars

Giant Train Full Of Raw Sewage Has Sat In This Small Town For More Than Two Months

A massive train full of human waste from New York City has been parked in the small town of Parrish, Alabama for over two months.
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The Latest In Potty Training...Pooparoos!

Fact. Kids love poop. Or at the very least potty talk. However, we aren't sure if this new Mattel toy encourages potty training or playing with poo.
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Corsicana Woman Intentionally Poops To Conceal Stolen Valentine's Day Card & Drugs

If you ever need an anti-drug PSA, this should probably be your "go-to" story.
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