Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott smiles during first half of game.

Watch Your Favorite Dallas Cowboys Players Get Pranked During An "Interview"

One of my favorite things about Dallas Cowboys pre-season is all the jackassery that comes along with it. Surprise celebrities at training camp and radio bits at media day make for high-quality entertainment. So, when players were booked for one-on-one interviews with a girl named Carine Rice, they...
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Listerine bottles on the store shelf

California Girl Gargles Listerine, Spits It Back Into Bottle, Then Returns Bottle To Shelf

You've probably heard about the latest internet trend-- licking ice cream then putting it back in the store freezer for an unassuming customer to purchase. Yes, it's gross. Yes, it's illegal. Yes, it's catching on with other products. A San Jose girl named Bameron Nicole Smith posted a video where...
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Need An April Fools' Day Prank For Work Today? We Got You!

If someone tells you they're pregnant today or shares a sonogram on Facebook or perhaps your teen fails a test...BEWARE! Today is April Fools' Day.
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john _krasinski

John Krasinski Reveals His Favorite Dwight Prank From The Office

The Office is one of the greatest TV shows of all time. We dare you to disagree!
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