Professional Stuntman Sets Himself on Fire to Propose to Girlfriend

During a decoy photo shoot, UK-based stuntman Riky Ash, 52, assembled a crew and lit himself on fire to propose to his girlfriend Katrina Dobson.
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Professional Stuntman Sets Himself On Fire To Propose To Girlfriend

During a decoy photo shoot organized to surprise his girlfriend Katrina Dobson, professional stuntman Riky Ash set himself on fire before dropping to one knee to propose.
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Man Lights 100 Candles To Propose To Girlfriend, Accidentally Burns Down Apartment

Ndreu decorated their apartment with candles and balloons to surprise her, even spelling out "Marry me?" with flaming tea lights spread out on the floor.
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Watch the Genius Disney Movie Proposal That Has the Internet in Tears

It’s not every day you nail a nearly perfect proposal. Boston filmmaker Lee Loechler hacked his girlfriend’s favorite movie, seemingly inserting the two of them into the end of “Sleeping Beauty.” The stunt even broke the fourth wall, showing the “prince” in the feature tossing the real-life ring to...
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Man Edits Himself Into Girlfriend's Favorite Disney Movie For Surprise Proposal

Sthuthi David thought it would just be another date to the movies with her boyfriend, Lee Loechler.
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Man Proposes By Disguising Ring As Sauce In Box Of Chicken Nuggets

Nothing says "I love you" more than a box of chicken nuggets.
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Couple’s ‘Family Feud’-Inspired Proposal Goes Viral

Survey says, this proposal is adorable! A North Carolina man channeled his inner Steve Harvey to pop the question to his girlfriend during a playful game of “Family Feud,” reported USA Today . Attn: @IAmSteveHarvey . This Family Fued-style proposal is the sweetest. "Name a day a woman always dreams...
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Man Drops Engagement Ring Into The Ocean After Proposing To Girlfriend While Surfing

Christopher Garth wanted to make his engagement to his girlfriend, Lauren Oiye, a momentous occasion.
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Bride Helps Brother With Proposal at Her Wedding

Most brides stick with nailing the "I Do" portion of the wedding, but one bride used hers as a chance to set another ceremony in motion. A new video surfaced on the internet in which one man went down on one knee at his sister's wedding . The crazy part? It was the bride's idea! Sierra McGinty-Rush...
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Chicago Man Rents Out Theater to Propose to Girlfriend

(B96) Dominic Mendicino surprised his now-fiancé with the engagement of a lifetime. "I was filming for a year-and-a-half," he told B96, which doesn't include the countless hours he dedicated to editing the video. And then, there's executing the whole surprise without Giana finding out. On October...
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