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Company Invents Face Mask That Will Allow You To Eat Without Taking It Off

Avtipus Patents and Inventions has developed a face mask that with the push of a lever, opens in front of the wearer's mouth, allowing them to eat food without having to remove it for every bite.
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Missouri Restaurant Slammed For Adding "COVID-19 Surcharge" To Bill

A Missouri restaurant is being slammed after a customer posted a picture of receipt online, which shows they had been charge an extra "COVID-19 surcharge" on top of their meal.
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This Restaurant Is Using Life-Size Mannequins to Enforce Social Distancing

Restaurants and businesses in some parts of the country are starting to reopen their facilities amid the coronavirus pandemic. A restaurant in Virginia is using mannequins to enforce social distancing when it reopens.
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'COVID-19 Surcharge': Can Diners Expect Extra Fees on Restaurant Bills During the Pandemic?

A sushi restaurant in West Plains, Missouri, has recently added a ‘COVID-19 surcharge’ to help manage costs during the coronavirus pandemic. Read more about the response from customers and social media users.
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Restaurant Installs Shower Curtains Between Tables to Encourage Social Distancing

Many people across the country are still under stay-at-home orders. A restaurant just installed shower curtains between tables to encourage social distancing.
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Tables Separated By Plexiglass and Other Ways Restaurants May Change Amid Coronavirus

Many people across the country are still under stay-at-home orders. Will you be separated by plexiglass? Experts are now explaining how restaurants will change.
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Man Breaks Into Closed Restaurant And Eats And Drinks For Days

A man in New Haven, Connecticut broke into a closed restaurant, eating and drinking several thousand dollars worth of food and drink before police apprehended him with a bottle of rum.
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Man Accidentally Shoots Girlfriend In The Leg While Reaching In Pocket Trying To Pay Restaurant Bill

A 19-year-old in Cheektowaga, New York was arrested after accidentally shooting his girlfriend in the leg, while trying to reach into his pocket in order to pay their restaurant bill.
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Woman Accidentally Leaves ID On Table Trying To Dine-And-Dash From Restaurant

Police in Charleston, South Carolina are looking for a woman who walked out on her bill at a restaurant, but thankfully accidentlly left her ID on the table before leaving.
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Restaurant Will Sit Single People In Front Of A Mirror On Valentine’s Day To Promote “Self Love”

Don't have a date for Valentine's Day? No worries! This restaurant in the UK will sit your single self in front of a mirror to promote "self love."
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