Ross & Monica Geller's Mom On Friends Finally Settles The "On A Break" Debate!

Let's settle the debate once an for all. Ross and Rachel? Were they on a break?
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The Twins From From "Friends", Who Played Ross & Rachel's Baby, Are Also The Scary, Murderous Twins In "Us"

Baby Emma from Friends is all grown up! And in a new movie!
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Courteney Cox Recreates The "Pivot" Scene From Friends In Her Own House

Miss the TV show Friends? Are the repeat episodes on TBS and Netflix not enough for you? Good news! Courtney Cox is doing her own episodes!
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Remember Ross & Rachel's Baby From Friends? She's Actually Twins & 16-Years-Old!

What! No way! It's been 16 years since Ross and Rachel had a baby!!!
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Satisfied glad female with curly hair wears fashionable clothing, chooses new blouse in shopping centre, pays attention on quality

Ross, TJ Maxx and Burlington Opening More Stores

Ross recently opened 30 new locations, plans to open another 70 this year, and will eventually rise from 1,500 stores to 2,500 stores. TJX is opening 238 (TJ Maxx, Marshals, HomeGoods) this year. Plus, Burlington is opening nearly 40 this year.
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