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Dallas Threatens Closure Of Parks And Running Trails After Residents Don't Adhere To Social Distancing

The Dallas City Council has threatened the closure of Dallas parks and running trails because strangers are not adhering to the social distance measure of six feet between persons.
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Britney Spears Claims To Have Shattered Usain Bolt's 100-Meter Dash World Record

Britney Spears is apparently the fastest person alive, claiming to have shattered Usain Bolt's 100-meter dash record of 9.58 seconds by running it in 5.97.
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Man Completes Marathon Running Back And Forth On Balcony For 7 Hours

Elisha Nochomovitz just ran a marathon, and it only took him 6 hours and 48 minutes to do so. That's because he ran the full 26.2 miles going baclk and forth on his 23-foot wide balcony.
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Why It's Dangerous to Hold Your Phone While Running

If you’re the type of person who holds their phone while out for a jog, an expert claims you should stop it. The decision may make sense, but facts prove it may be a bad idea. Metro UK spoke with a running expert who warned people that this might lead to a shoulder or hip injury. UK Athletics...
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Why Is Arnold Schwarzenegger Chasing Around His Mini Horse On A Bike?

Arnold Schwarzenegger might have been a cowboy in another life. Or perhaps he's channeling his future son-in-law Chris Pratt, who's been living the farm life lately.
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Running Into The Weekend Like...This Dog Running Into Leaves

Think back to the good ole days of being a kid. Remember when fall hit and you'd rake up all the leaves into a nice big pile for your own personal jumping pleasure.
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Woman's Sexy Beach Run Goes Horribly Wrong

It's that time of year where EVERYONE seems to be on vacation but you. All your social media feeds are filled with beach pics and tropical drinks. It's just not fair when you're stuck at work.
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Man Accidentally Runs A Full Marathon Instead Of A Half

Mike Kohler signed up to run his first half-marathon as part of the Sanford Fargo Marathon, but on race day he accidentally ran the full-marathon instead.
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Man Carrying Marijuana Plant Sprints Away After Walking Into Live News Shot (Video)

Police in Hoath, near Canterbury, England recently busted a major cannabis factory, operating from a Kent neighborhood cottage.
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Wild Hog

Wild Hogs Seen Running Right Through a Texas Suburb

Video shows hogs running right through lawns early in the morning outside of Houston.
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