For Sale

Bank Of America Plaza, The Tallest Building In Dallas, Is For Sale!

The tallest skyscraper in Dallas is for sale!
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If You're A Disney Fan, Check Out This House That Comes With A Mickey Mouse Pool

Looking for a vacation home? Perhaps in Florida, close to the happiest place on earth? Better yet, how about a Disney themed house?!?!?!?! Oh yes, it exists and it is glorious!
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Love Tile Mosaics? This House Is For You!

You know what would look great with this tile? MORE TILE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tile on the walls, tiles on the cabinets, tile on the ceiling, let's just put tile everywhere! Said no one ever!
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One Of The Castles From 'Game Of Thrones' Could Be Yours For A Hefty Price

If you're a fan of "Game of Thrones" and ever wanted to live in one of the many castles featured on the show, well now you can!
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David Cassidy's Former Home On Sale For $3.9 Million

David Cassidy's palatial estate in Florida has finally hit the market.
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Beyonce Bought A Church

Coming soon! The Church of Bey!!!
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Burned House

House That Completely Burned Out Two Years Ago Selling For $800,000

Silicon Valley out in California is not the place you want to go to for cheap housing.
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Harry Potter House For Sale, Check Out The Inside

Only a true Harry Potter fan would spend seven years turning their house into a Hogwarts-esque wonderland.
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Hilarious "For Sale" Sign Warns Potential Homeowners Of Unruly Neighbor

There are always plenty of factors to consider when purchasing a home.
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