San Antonio

Dinosaur Costumes, Las Vegas Motor Speedway, 2018

San Antonio Teens Dressed As Dinosaurs Cheer Up Panicked Shoppers

After receiving the "ok" from store management, Pilar Pinilla's daughters walked around the store, dressed in those always-hilarious T-rex costumes, and brought some cheer to panicked shoppers.
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Ribs, Baby Back Ribs, Barbecue, Sauce

Texas Family Celebrates Daughter’s First Birthday With “Rib Smash” Instead Of Cake

This San Antonio girl celebrated her first birthday not with the traditional birthday cake, but with a "Rib Smash."
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Drug Smuggler, Arrested, Handcuffs, Bag, Drugs

Man Named Luke Skywalker Arrested For Pot Possession In Texas

Luke Skywalker is having quite the week.
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Christmas, Lawn, Decorations, Front Yard

Texas Family Ordered To Remove Christmas Decorations After HOA Says It’s “Too Soon”

A family in San Antonio decided it was best to put up their Christmas decorations as early as possible.
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Mortgage, Cash, Pen, Contract, Businessman

San Antonio Boss Pays Employee’s Mortgage, Allowing Him To Retire Early

Albert Brigas had been an employee at Renown Auto Restoration in San Antonio for 13 years.
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Police officer has just pulled over a brunette woman and approaches her car.

Texan Woman Sues Police After Cop Removes Tampon For Search

This is the ultimate invasion of privacy . During the summer of 2016, a woman named Natalie D. Simms was sitting on a curb, waiting for her boyfriend, when San Antonio police officers approached her. The department had been investigating the neighborhood for drug activity. Simms' car was parked...
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Garden Spider, Black and Yellow, Trap, Grasshopper, Web, Large

Spider Captures And Eats Bat Caught In Web Outside Texas Home

Spiders. Bats. Webs. It’s more than two months until Halloween and we have found the creepiest story of the year.
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Coach Bus, Burned, Fire, Road, Highway Assistance

Cell Phone Video Captures Bus Exploding On The Way Back From Texas Summer Camp

A group of kids were on their way back from Camp Buckner in Burnet, Texas riding on a chartered bus.
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Guacamole, Chips, Avocado, Lime, Tomato

Texas Restaurant Out Of Avocados Serves "Mockamole," Made With Broccoli And Green Peas

Chacho's is a restaurant in San Antonio, and they are facing a slight problem.
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San Antonio Is Now Home To The Greatest George Strait Street Art Of All Time

Whether you like country music or not, there's always room for King George. He's a Texas legend.
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