No, No, No, Ketchup & Mustard Do NOT Belong On Tamales

Ahhh tamales. Sweet, sweet, delicious tamales...a staple on any Tex-Mex dinner plate. You can dress them up in so many ways. A little salsa, maybe some chili con carne, or even a little queso. Mmmmmmmmm.
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Genius Man Creates A Car Cup Holder Specifically For Chick-Fil-A Sauce

Give this man a medal! And a trophy. And any other award that exists...because your life is about to change (for the better) forever. Assuming this new product goes into production ASAP!
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Heinz Mixed Mayonnaise With Mustard & Barbeque Sauce To Make Two New Condiments

Last year Heinz debuted a new condiment called Mayochup, now they’ve come out with two more condiments.
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Why Is This Woman Dipping Her Chicken Fingers In Coke?

Let's be clear, dipping your chicken fingers in a coke is NOT a thing.
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