Canadian Researchers Says That Dodgeball Is 'Legalized Bullying'

Apparently, according to researchers in Canada, dodgeball is a tool to bully and target students.
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Texas Teachers Stay Overnight To Cook Hot Meals And Take Care Of Students Stuck Due To Storms

Tuesday, hundreds of students in Southeast Texas were stuck at school due to flooding.
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Jamie Lynn Spears Shares A Sweet Throwback Pic Of Her Sister Britney Shortly After She Enters A Mental Health Facility

Our thoughts and prayers are with Britney Spears. On Wednesday, it was announced that she's checked herself into a mental health facility. It would appear that after dealing with her father's recent illness, she needed a little time for herself.
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Teacher Tells Students They Can Bring Fruit To Class, So One Kid Brought A Whole Watermelon

Think back to your junior high days. Every teacher was different with the rules.
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Substitute Teacher Accidentally Plays Pornography For 30 Seconds During History Class

A substitute teacher in Dearborn, Michigan was just trying to show his seventh-grade history class a video about Lewis and Clark.
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Texas Senate Unanimously Approves Bill Issuing $5,000 Raises For All Texas Teachers

Senate Bill 3 received a unanimous vote from the Texas Senate earlier this week, which will issue $5,000 raises annually for all teachers in the Lone Star State.
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Texas Teachers Can Get Free Admission To SeaWorld San Antonio For The Rest Of 2019

Good news for all you teachers out there!
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Bus Driver, Steering Wheel, Seat

Dallas School Bus Driver Buys Christmas Presents For Each Of The Kids On His Route

Curtis Jenkins drives a bus for Lake Highlands Elementary.
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School Cafeteria Manager Writes Students Inspiring Messages On Bananas

As a kid, a small notes of encouragement could do wonders for your morale and mental stability, which is precisely why cafeteria manager Stacey Truman is such an amazing person.
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Student Takes University To Court After Failed Assignment Prevents Degree

Chinmay Naik only recieved a possible 12 points out of 100 after turning in his video project about dogs.
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