This Woman Taking A Butt Selfie By The Pool Will Make Your Day!

There's a certain art to taking a selfie. Some people have it, some don't. and then there's that rare bread of selfie takers who manage to get the perfect pic, while looking absolutely ridiculous while taking it. But hey, you gotta do it for the gram!
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Carrie Underwood Shares A Makeup Free Selfie

Looks like Carrie Underwood is getting more and more comfortable with showing off her makeup free face since the falling accident over a year ago. In fact, she looks so great, it's almost impossible to believe that she had to have 40 something stitches above her top lip. Seriously, there's no scar!
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A Very Pregnant Jessica Simpson Shares A Bikini Selfie!

Baby Birdie is due any day now! At least according the the latest Instagram post by momma, Jessica Simpson.
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Black Jaguar, Shade, Lying Down, Tree

Woman Attacked By Jaguar At Zoo After Jumping Barrier Fence Trying To Get A Selfie

A woman was hospitalized Saturday after being attacked by a jaguar at Wildlife World Zoo in Arizona.
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Dallas Teen Seriously Injured After Falling Off Margaret McDermott Bridge Trying To Take A Selfie

18-year-old Triston Bailey doesn't remember much from the fall, he just knows he should consider himself lucky.
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"Selfie" Store Opens In Fort Worth

A store solely devoted to the "selfie" has opened in Fort Worth.
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Cindy Crawford Shares A Gorgeous Makeup Free Selfie

Once a supermodel, always a super model. Even if you're 52-years old without makeup!
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Jennifer Garner Is Hilariously Bad At Taking Selfies

God bless Jennifer Garner and her willingness to share the not so flattering pictures on social media.
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People Are Freaking Out Over #BeardedMenLookingUp Selfies

The internet is a beautifully weird and wonderful place. Today's latest trend...#BeardedMenLookingUp.
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Happy Dogs

Group Of Pups At Doggie Day Care Pose For The World's Greatest Selfie

Step aside, Ellen. Your selfie at the 86th Academy Awards was great, but there is a new standard for amazing selfies that all will strive to match.
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