People! Please Stop Taking Sexy Selfies At Chernobyl!

It's truly a sad, sad day have to ask people to stop taking sexy selfies at Chernobyl.
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Kaley Cuoco's Hubby Thinks They Look Like Siblings

Ok, so maybe it's not quite a compliment, but we can't exactly call it an insult either.
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Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant's "Sexy" Safety Instructions Go Viral

Bethany Joy Brenes was traveling on a Southwest Airlines flight from Chicago to Omaha, Nebraska when she sat down to listen to the safety instructions.
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dad bods

Study Reveals Women Find "Dad Bods" More Attractive

It's Father's Day weekend, and chances are you'll probably be grilling out or eating at a nice restaurant, so the temptation for delicious, unhealthy food will be constant.
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