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NBA Season In Jeopardy Following Teams' Boycott Of Wisconsin Shooting

The Milwaukee Bucks refused to take the court against the Orlando Magic for their playoff game in response to the shooting of Kenosha, Wisconsin man Jacob Blake.
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Today Marks Four-Year Anniversary Of Dallas Police Ambush

Four years ago today, five police officers lost their lives in an ambush-style spree by a gunman in Downtown Dallas.
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Man Sentenced To Six Years In Prison After Shooting Himself In The Groin

35-year-old Marcus Davis of Portland, Oregon was recently sentenced to six years in prison after police determined he lied about how he received his gunshot wounds, and in truth accidentally shot himself. In the groin!
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Woman Shot Saved By Breast Implants After Bullet Stopped From Penetrating Heart

A woman in Toronto is alive after her breast implants stopped a bullet from penetrating her heart following a random gunshot.
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Man Accidentally Shoots Girlfriend In The Leg While Reaching In Pocket Trying To Pay Restaurant Bill

A 19-year-old in Cheektowaga, New York was arrested after accidentally shooting his girlfriend in the leg, while trying to reach into his pocket in order to pay their restaurant bill.
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Odessa Chick-Fil-A Employees Stay Late To Cook 500 Sandwiches For First Responders

The shooting in West Texas Saturday left seven people dead, and twenty five injured.
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Shooting Victim Walks Away Unscathed After Bra Stops Bullet

21-year-old Daniesa Murdaugh was at a block party in Brooklyn when gunfire broke out.
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Tamara Mowry Shares A Beautiful Tribute To Her Niece, Who Was Killed In The Borderline Shooting

Sadly, on Wednesday night, 12 innocent lives were taken after a mass shooting at a bar in California. Among those victims was 18-year old, Pepperdine freshman Alaina, who also happens to be the niece of Tamara Mowry Housley of Sister, Sister and The Real.
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FBI Agent Accidentally Shoots Bar Patron After Gun Discharges While Competing In Dance Contest

Police in Denver were called late Saturday night to Mile High Spirits Distillery and Tasting Bar for an accidental shooting involving an FBI agent.
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NOFX In Hot Water After Bad Joke About Vegas Shooting

While performing over the weekend at the Punk Rock Bowling & Music Festival in Las Vegas, NOFX went a little too far when a joke was made about the Vegas shooting.
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