DFW Walmart Sign Says "Look For Local" With The State Of Oklahoma On It

Look, we Texans take our great state very seriously. There's no room for Okie nonsense whatsoever! Now we know not everyone in Texas was born and bred here. However, if you live here, we assume your loyalties are with Texas...NOT Oklahoma.
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It's Hot In Texas When...The Church Sign Outside Has A Generic "Sin Bad, Jesus Good, Details Inside" Message For The Summer

Can we get an amen?
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Kid Greets Mom, Home From A Business Trip, At The Airport With A "Welcome Home From Prison" Sign

Gotta love a dad with a good sense of humor, especially when he's willing to let the kiddo do the dirty work.
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Dallas Church Posts An Epic Easter Sunday Message, "YOLO. LOL, JK. BRB - Jesus"

It's hard to believe, but Easter is about more than just bunnies and chocolate. For church goers, it's about the resurrection of Jesus. With that said, it doesn't mean the church can't have a sense of humor about it.
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Jennifer Garner Surprises Man While Selling Girl Scout Cookies and It's Hilarious

The man couldn't believe it!
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Hilarious "For Sale" Sign Warns Potential Homeowners Of Unruly Neighbor

There are always plenty of factors to consider when purchasing a home.
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