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Man Creates "Virtual Traffic Jam" Rolling A Wagon Full Of Cell Phones Around Downtown Berlin

A German artist proved just how easy it is to create a virtual traffic jam, and all it takes is a wagon full of cell phones opened to Google Maps.
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8 Apps to Help Families Survive the Holiday Season

Smartphone apps already help you get around your hometown, find restaurants, and entertain yourself during downtime, while your kids likely already have their own favorites. So why not rely on them to help you and your offspring during the most harried time of the year? Winter holiday travel doesn’...
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Doctors Warn Using The Phone On The Toilet Can Cause Hemorrhoids

It’s definitely more entertaining to read than a shampoo bottle, but scrolling through your phone while sitting on the toilet may have ill effects on your health.
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Selfies Are Bad For Your Skin

We’ve been hearing for years that getting a suntan is just about the worst thing you can do to your skin. Well, it looks like another thing we do every single day is just as dangerous.
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Extremely Drunk Woman Thinks Her Pack Of Cigarettes Is A Smartphone, Keeps On Scrolling & Scrolling

How drunk do you have to be to mix up your cigarettes with a smartphone?
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Kid Playing Games In Class

Video Game Creators Honor Teacher's Request, Add Note To Loading Screen Asking Students Not To Play In Class

Fortnite is probably the most popular video game in the world right now.
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