Jack In The Box Is Testing Their New Tiny Taco Snack Box In Dallas

Those late night cravings for Jack in the Box just got a lot more tempting.
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Squirrel Hits The Food Jackpot, Snacks On An Entire Egg Roll

Ladies and gents, we give you the first and possibly greatest animal moment of the new year. A chubby squirrel, high up in a tree, looking down on the world while eating an entire egg roll.
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Cheese Balls, Puff, Snack

After 12 Years, Planters Cheez Balls Are Back!

After 12 years of being off grocery store shelves, Planters Cheez Balls are back!
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The Donug Is The Doughnut And Chicken Nugget Hybrid We've Been Waiting For

Scottish man Crag Carrick doesn't want to call himself a hero, but we're hard-pressed to find a more accurate word to describe him.
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Airline Snacks

Woman Fined $500 For Carrying Free Airline Snack In Purse Through Customs

While traveling on her way home from Paris, Crystal Tadlock, along with the other passengers on her Delta flight, received a free apple as a snack from the flight attendants. She put the fruit in her carry on to save for the next leg of her journey.
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