Bluebonnets, Pasture, Field, Texas Bluebonnets

Video Captures Two Rattlesnakes Fighting Over A Female In Field Of Bluebonnets

A pair of rattlesnakes were filmed fighting over a female, right in the middle of a field of Texas Bluebonnets.
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Snake, Bite, Strike, Grass, King Cobra

North Texas Recording More Snake Bites As Temperatures Rise

Well, the heat is back.
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Snakes! Sightings Increase, It's Their Season

Snakes! Indiana Jones doesn't like 'em, especially the venomous ones.
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Pool, Noodle, Exercise

Watch Out For Rattlesnakes Hiding in Your Pool Noodles!

It's summertime and the snakes are OUT!
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Would You Ever Get A Snake Massage? (Video)

Massages: Relaxing. Snakes: Kind of Terrifying. Combining the two? Terrifyinging Relaxing?
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