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Here's How You Can View Facebook's Ad Profile of Yourself

Yes, you can see an ad profile of yourself that includes various demographic factors.
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1980's Girl Chewing Gum

These Are Definitely ALL Of Your "Deep Thoughts" From The '80s

Tons of people had fun exploring their "deep thoughts," like the stores we used to shop in, to always remember to "be kind rewind," and how the Sony Walkman is the greatest invention ever.
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Bluebonnet, Flower, Texas

The Latest Internet Trend…Pooping On Bluebonnets Using The Poo Emoji

Bluebonnets, they’re they most beautiful flowers in Texas.
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Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill Gives Sweet Advice To Young Girl Afraid To Wear Star Wars Shirt To School

Mark Hamill received a tweet from a worried mother concerned about her 7-year-old daughter being bullied at school.
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Mark Hamill Reassures Everyone He Is Not Dead In Tweet

This weekend rumors of Mark Hamill's death made the rounds on social media.
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Lucas Warren Becomes First Baby With Down Syndrome To Become Face Of Gerber

Lucas Warren was just one of the over 140,000 potential babies to become the new face of Gerber's national campaign. His mother Cortney says she entered his photo into the contest "on a whim."
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"Party City" Apologizes For Calling Gluten-Free People "Gross"

International Business Times reports after a backlash of of complaints on social media concerning it's Big Game commercial for the Food Network's Sunny Anderson's inflatable snack stadium, "Party City" issued the following statement... Party City was founded in 1986, and like any other company or...
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