Father, Son, Senior, Millennial

Study Finds Men Start Turning Into Their Fathers At Age 37

A new study has found that men begin exhibiting signs fathers at the age of 37, including grunting when getting off the couch and falling asleep while watching sports.
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Shoplifter Arrested After Leaving Son At Crime Scene

A German man accused of lifting about $6 worth of goods from a grocery store was easily apprehended after he left a very important clue at the crime scene: his own son.
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Man, Arrested, Handcuffs, Hands

Man Steals Mom's Car, Gets High, Runs Naked Into A Church, Gets Into A Fight, All On Mother's Day

Thomas Bouchard of Skowhegan, Maine had an eventful day recently, where he got high, naked, stole his mom's car, got into a high-speed chase with the police that ended with him running into a church naked, which led to fight with the officers afterwhich he was arrested, and he did this ALL on...
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Amy Schumer, Red Carpet, 72nd Annual Tony Awards, 2018

Amy Schumer Changes Son Gene Attell's Name Because It Sounds Too Much Like "Genital"

Amy Schumer recently made the decision to change the name of her 11-month-old son's name from "Gene Attell" to "Gene David,"\ because the former sounded too much like "genital."
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Woman Names Newborn Twins "Corona" And "Covid"

A mother in India has caused quite a stir, after she named her brand new baby twins "Covid" and "Corona."
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Mel Brooks, Red Carpet, Tuxedo, Smile, 2017

Mel Brooks And His Son Record Heartwarming PSA About Social Distancing

Comedic legend Mel Brooks and his son Max filmed a heartwearming PSA about the importance of taking warnings and precautions about the Coronavirus seriously.
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Parent, Child, Mother, Daughter, Hands

10% Of Surveyed Parents Admit To Having A Favorite Child

A new survey has found that 10% percents admit to having a favorite child, and in more cases than not, it was always the YOUNGEST sibling!
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Potty Training, Legs, Child, Chamber Pot

Mom Bans Mother-In-Law From Seeing Grandson After "Traumatizing" Potty Training Joke

A young mother has banned her mother-in-law from contacting her grandson after she made a "traumatizing" joke right in the middle of potty training that has him scared senseless.
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Mother, Son, Looking out window

Mother Dances With 2-Year-Old Son Just In Case His Wedding Day Never Comes

Samantha Duran wanted to share an important dance with her two-year-old son Maddox, just in case he wasn't alive to have their dance on his wedding day.
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Teenager, Male, Push Ups

Texas Mother's Strong Parenting Goes Viral After Making Son Do Pushups For Backtalking

A mother in Killeen, Texas has gone viral for her strong parenting, after making her son do ten pushups in the middle of a Hobby Lobby bathroom following the "back talk of the century."
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