John Travolta, Red Carpet, G'Day USA 2020 Standing Together Dinner, 2020

John Travolta Recreates "Greaseed Lightning" Dance With Son On TikTok

It';s been over 40 years since the release of Grease , but John Travolta proved he's still got the moves, recreating the famed dance from "Greased Lightning" with his son.
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Orlando Bloom, Red Carpet, Amazon Studios Golden Globes After Party, 2020

Orlando Bloom Misspells Son's Name In New Tattoo

Actor Orlando Bloom wanted to paytribute to his son Flynn with a tattoo of his name. Unfortunately, there was a slight mishap with the spelling. His own son's name.
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Longboard, Skateboard, Riding, Highway

32-Year-Old Steals A Skateboard After His Mom Refused To Buy It For Him

You'd expect this kind of behavior from 8-year-old. But 32?
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Soldier, Hug, Mom

Military Son Surprises Mother At Her Job At Athens ISD

Watching soldiers return home from service to surprise their family members is incredible, but it means something different when it happenes so close to home.
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Cockroach, Tiled Floor, White Wall

Mom Photoshops Cockroaches On Sleeping Son To Get Him To Take A Bath

No doubt any parent out there has had to deal with an unruly child when it comes to bath time. Well this mother took an interesting route in order to make her young son WANT to bathe ten times a day!
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Bruce Springsteen, Concert, Guitar Solo, The River Tour, 2016

Bruce Springsteen’s Son Sworn In As A Jersey City Firefighter

Bruce Springsteen is one proud dad these days!
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Dr Pepper, Cups, Sidelines, Football Game

Man Holds Gun To Son’s Head For Drinking The Last Dr Pepper In The Fridge

Chad Kinnaird of West Monroe, Louisiana was arrested New Year’s Day for an incident involving his son just four days prior.
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Day Care, Room, Interior, Kindergarten, School

Texas Day Care Worker Fired After Fat Shaming 5-Year-Old On Note Left From Mom

Francesca Easdon dropped off her five-year-old at the Rocking Horse Day Care Center in Kingwood, Texas with a special note in his lunch box.
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Ghost Baby, Facebook Post, 2019

Mom Spots Horrifying “Ghost Baby” Sleeping Next To Her Child

Maritza Cibuls was getting ready for bed when she decided to check on her 18-month-old on the baby monitor.
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DeAngelo Williams, Carolina Panthers, Warmup, Game

Former NFL Player Covers Mammograms For 500 Women In Honor Of Late Mother

DeAngelo Williams has honored his late mother in the most amazing way possible. The former NFL running back has covered the costs for mammograms for women across the country in honor of his mother who passed away in 2014 from breast cancer. She was just 53-years-old at the time of her passing. Four...
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