Watch This Cat Sneakily Steal A Chicken Nugget Off The Table

God bless cats and their super sneaky ways.
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Komodo Island Is Closing To Tourists Because People Keep Stealing Dragons

Komodo dragons are currently a protected species, and thought to be the largest living lizard in the world.
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Cardboard Box, Package, Porch, Front Door

Woman Chases Porch Pirate Down The Street And Shames Her Into Giving Back Stolen Package

We all saw the amazing Glitter Bomb that caught unsuspecting package thieves off guard, but it appears this method works just as well.
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Thinking About Stealing A Package? You Might Get A Glitter Bomb Instead

Tis the season for stealing packages. But let's flip the script. Homeowners, here's your chance for revenge!
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Woman Accused Of Hiding Stolen Merchandise Under Shirt; Turns Out She's Pregnant

No no, North Carolina woman Sherell Bates was not trying to steal merchandise while back-to-school shopping at Staples.
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