School Bus, Parked, Playground

11-year-old steals school bus, leads police on chase before crashing into a tree

An 11-year-old in Baton Rouge, Louisiana saw a school bus parked at a Head Start school Sunday afternoon, climbed inside, and figured out how to start it. He then led the police on a chase which culinated in a crash outside of his home.
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Printer, Ink, Toner, Man Hand

Former Austin library worker accused of stealing $1.3 million in printer toner over 12-year period

Randall Whited, a former employee of the Austin Public Library, is being accused of fradulenty purchasing, stealing, and then selling printer toner, to the tune of $1.3 million.
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UFO, Alien, Spaceship, Truck, Desert, Abduction

Man steals truck to go "meet an alien," but returns it after he started feeling bad

A Utah man is behind bars after he stole a pickup truck out of a 7-Eleven parking lot in order to drive all the way to the "Colosseum to get on a flight with alien diplomats."
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Firefighter, Protection Gear, Helmet, Jacket, Truck

Firefighter Battling North California Fire Has Wallet Stolen Out Of Truck

A firefighter currently battling the CZU Lightning Complex Fire in Santa Cruz, California was the victim of a theft, having returned to his work vehicle after battling the fire to find that his wallet had gone missing
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Log Skidder, Dual Function Grapple Skidder, Outdoors, Wood, Logs

Man Arrested After Stealing Logging Skidder And Accidentally Crushing His Own Vehicle

36-year-old Gaetan Henry procured the skidder after his pickup truck became stuck in his bridge. In his infinite wisdom, Henry decided to steal a log skidder and attempt to free hius truck himself. Unfortunately, he completly lost control of the machine, and ran right over his truck, crushing it.
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Lingerie, Women's Underwear, Shopping, Store

Man Accused Of Stealing Multiple Pairs Of Women's Lingerie In His Hot Pink Tank Top

A man at a Pennsylvania Walmart was caught by security cameras stuffing multiple pairs of lingerie in his hot pink tank top last Monday evening.
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ATM, Bank, Machine

Farmer Draining Pond Finds ATM Dumped In The Water

A Nebraska farmer draining his pond made the most unsual discovery, an ATM dumped in the water.
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Fire Truck, Fire Engine, Side Panel, Fire and Rescue

Alaskan Man Drives Stolen Firetruck To Nearby Bar With Sirens Flashing

An Alaskan man was arrested after he drove to a bar, in the firetruck he just stole from a nearby fire station.
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Man Drives Stolen Firetruck to Nearby Bar With Sirens Flashing

Dawson Cody Porter, a man from Alaska, just couldn’t wait to get to the bar. The 22-year-old stole and drove a stolen firetruck to a nearby bar.
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Red Underwear, Thong, Laundry Room

Man Sets Dozens Of Fires Using Used Underwear Stolen From Laundromats

A 43-year-old Wisconsin man admitted to police that over the last 18 months, he set dozens of fires using stolen women's underwear as the accelerant.
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