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Nearly 500 Steers Go Missing From North Texas Ranch

A local rancher has reported that nearly 500 steers have gone missing from his Clay County Ranch.
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Man Arrested After Stealing School Buses For Personal Joyrides

A man in Louisiana has been arrested after police found out he was stealing local school buses in order to take them on joyrides.
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Looping Roller Coaster, Amusement Park, Theme Park

Ohio Police On The Lookout For A Stolen Roller Coaster

Of all the things you think can be stolen, a roller coaster is probably on the bottom of your list.
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Man, Burglar, Stealing Car, Screwdriver

Man Has Truck Stolen While He’s Across The Street Robbing A Store

Washington man William Kelley called the police early Sunday morning saying his 1992 red Chevy pickup truck had been stolen.
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Woman Captures The Perfect Pic Of A Seagull Snatching A Lobster Roll Right Out Of Her Hand

Food...once it comes to the table, do you dig in immediately or do you take 400 plus pics for Instagram?
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Disney, Logo, Sign, Store, London, 2011

Police Pull Man Over For Traffic Violation, Find $10,000 Worth Of Stolen Disney Merchandise In His Car

California Highway Patrol pulled over a man last Friday for driving past a stopped school bus with its red lights flashing and stop sign displayed.
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College, Bookstore, Shelves, Books, Blurry

Universty Bookstore Employee Charged With Stealing $20,000 Worth Of Textbooks

Jose Roberto Alonzo is an employee of a University of Central Florida bookstore.
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Woman Napping In Car Wakes Up To Stranger Driving It

A woman driving in Myrtle Beach decided to pull over for a bit after she was feeling some of the symptoms of epilepsy.
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Museum Needs Public Help Locating A Deadly Spider That Has Gone Missing

Ok, first of all...why do places like Insectariums exist?
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Man Steals Date's Car, Proceeds To Take Another Woman Out

Ok, have you ever had a bad first date story worse than this?
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