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Study Finds Texas One Of The Most Uneducated States In The U.S.

A study has found that Texas ranks near the bottom of educated states in the entire country!
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New Survey Ranks Dallas As The Rudest City In Texas

We've got a bone to pick with Business Insider .
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The Average American Will Spend $30,000 On Snacks In Their Lifetime

For a lifetime supply of snacks, a new survey has revealed that a sixth of Americans would completely shave their head.
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Study Finds Listening To 78 Minutes Of Music Daily Is Beneficial To Your Health

Listening to music can help save your life!
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Study Finds Buc-ee’s Has The Highest Rated Coffee In The United States

Along with its stellar bathrooms and Beaver Nuggets, Buc-ee’s is becoming nationally known for its coffee.
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Scientist Suggests Eating Human Flesh To Deter Climate Change

A Swedish scientist believes he has unlocked the mystery of the possible fight against climate change.
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Study Finds That North Texas Drivers Spend An Average Of Three Days Every Year Stuck In Traffic

If you ever feel like you spend entirely too much time sitting in your car stuck in traffic, you are.
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Study Finds People Who Swear A Lot Tend To Make Better Friends

If any of your friends swear more than the other, they might be the very best friend you have.
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New Study: Coffee Is Okay for Your Heart - Even 25 Cups Per Day!

New evidence indicates a whopping amount of daily coffee appears to have no negative impact on arteries.
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fast walkers

Walking Fast Can Help You Live Longer According to Study

Could a leisurely stroll be detrimental to your health? A new study has found that fast walkers tend to live longer than those that take their time getting from point A to point B. The results were also found to be true regardless of the person’s weight . Researchers from the U.K.’s University of...
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