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Court rules that Subway's sandwiches don't meet the legal definition of bread

An Irish court recently ruled that the popular sandwich chain's bread is actually "too sugary" to meet the standard, legal definition of bread.
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Drunk Man Arrested After Forcing His Way Behind Subway Counter To Make His Own Sandwich

Adrunk man in Akron, Ohio was arrested after forcing his way behind the counter of a Subway restaurant, where he proceeded to make his own sandwich.
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Drunk Man Arrested After Forcing His Way Behind Subway Counter to Make His Own Sandwich

A drunk man was arrested after forcing his way behind a counter at Subway to make his own sandwich. Read more about the man on RADIO.COM for more details.
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Subway Quietly Removes Two Fan Favorite Sandwiches From Most Locations

Fans noticed that some Subway locations are no longer carrying two beloved items. While the company’s customer-response Twitter has clarified they may still be available at some locations, Subway has not officially announced the omission.
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Subway Set to Release a Cheesy Garlic Bread-Scented Diffuser

Cheesy garlic bread is not just for eating anymore. Subway is getting ready to satiate your olfactory nerves by launching a reed diffuser that smells just like their iconic Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread, reported Business Insider. This smells like our kind of Christmas… Top notes of -- Heart notes...
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Homeless Opera Singer With Angelic Voice Captures Heart Of Thousands

Last Thursday, the LAPD posted an incredible video of a homeless woman singing in a Los Angeles subway.
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This Is Why You Shouldn't Fall Asleep On The Subway

Sometimes you gotta catch a little shuteye whenever you can. However, the subway might not be the best option. Especially if it's the New York City subway.
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We See Your Pizza Rat & Raise You 2 Pizza Rats

New York's pizza rat has some new competition...another rat, who also loves pizza.
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Just A Guy Trying To Move His Couch...On The Subway

Good movers are hard to come by, not to mention expensive. Why pay someone else to do the job, when you can do it yourself? Even if that means you have to use the subway to move your couch across town!
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Train Officials Offer Free Deodorant To Stuffy Passengers

In Vienna, officials for the city's U-Bahn train system decided to take action to combat the searing heat the city is experiencing.
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