Rosary, Man, Praying, Hands

Rosary lost during World War II reunited with soldier more than 70 years later

While serving in Italy during World War II, Robert Maynard lost an important family heirloom, a rosary given to him by his mother.
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Triathletes, Runners, Running, Marathon

Triathlete Lets Competitor Finish Ahead Of Him In Incredible Act Of Sportsmanship

Diego Mentrida and James Teagle were both competing in the Santander Triathlon in Spain over the weekend when one of the greatest acts of sportsmanship ever occured.
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Ryan Reynolds, Red Carpet, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Cure Parkinson’s, 2019

Lost Teddy Bear Ryan Reynolds Offered $5,000 Reward For Safely Returned To Owner

A few days ago, Reynolds tweeted that he would pay $5,000 for return of a lost, beloved teddy bear, and good news, it has been FOUND!
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Nurse, Heart, Heart Hands

Nurse Reunites With Daughters After Being Quarantined For Nine Weeks

For over two months, Suzanne Vaughan, worked double shifts as a nurse due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, and was isolated from her daughters the entire time. That was until the three had an emotional reunion after over nine weeks apart.
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Newborns, Triplets, Lying On Stomach, Blanket

Woman Captures Husband's Incredible Reaction To The News They're Having Triplets

A woman in Wavery, Iowa surprised her husband with the exciting news that he was about to become the father of triplets, and luckily she caught his INCREDIBLE reaction all on camera!
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Ring, Security Camera

Dad Goes Viral Leaving Sweet Messages To Daughter On Ring Camera Everyday

Even though Emily Brand is away at school, she watches her family's Ring camera everyday. When her dad found out this fact, he began leaving sweet, little mundane messages everyday, and has gone absolutely viral for doing so.
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Cat, Laptop, Computer, Coffee, Desk, Table, Hands

Couple Working From Home Files Formal HR Complaint Against Cat

A couple working from home recently "submitted" a formal compaint to HR, for their cat Penelope, for her "failure to comply with household regulations," and "lack of adherence to workspace polices."
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Matthew McConaughey, Formula 1 World Championship, Austin, 2019

Matthew McConaughey Hosts "Virtual Bingo" For Residents Of Texas Senior Living Facility

Matthew McConaughey provided some much needed relief for a senior living facility in Round Rock, after hosting a round of virtual bingo this past Monday following a request made by the residents this past September!
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Orangutan, Male, Primate

Group Of Orangutans And Otters Become The Best Of Friends After Sharing An Enclosure At The Zoo

A group of orangutans and otters have become the best of friends after sharing an enclosure at the Pairi Daiza Zoo in Belgium.
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Dachshund, Tail, Behind

Excited Dog Sprains Tail After Wagging It Too Much

Rolo, a 7-year-old dachshund, was a little too excited to see his owners, and accidentally sprained his tail because he was wagging it a little too much!
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