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New Jersey Police Shut Down Massive, "Vegas-Like" Pool Party In Rented Mansion

Police in Alpine, New Jersey were called to a mansion to break up a massive, "Vegas-like" pool party, which neighbors say have been a common occurence since May.
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"Airbnb For Swimming Pools" Will Let You Rent Out Local, Backyard Swimming Pools

If you're still looking for some fun in the sun, a new service will let you rent out local, backyard swimming pools, with what's being called "airbnb for swimming pools."
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Airbnb-Like App Will Let You Rent Out Backyard Pools This Summer

If you’re looking to take a dip but don’t have access to a swimming pool, Swimply, a service many are calling an Airbnb for swimming pools, is here to help! Find out how to rent a local pool now.
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Dad Heroically Dives Over A Fence & Into The Swimming Pool To Save His Son From Drowning

Swimming pools are the greatest invention ever! Especially during the summer. They keep you cool and they entertain people of all ages.
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The Hawkins Moms Are Super Thirsty For Lifeguard Billy Hargrove In New Stranger Things 3 Trailer

It looks like things are really starting to heat up in season 3 of Stranger Things. And we don't just mean the activity coming from the upsidedown.
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Just A Raccoon Living His Best Life, Lounging In A Flamingo Pool Float With A Frosty Beverage

Leave to a trash panda to give you those Friday feels!
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Just 2 People, Sitting In A Pool, Eating Ramen Noodles

When looking for love, what factors come into play? Of course you want to have multiple things in common, but odds are there will be that one defining moment in your relationship when you know you've found the one.
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Hugh Jackman Just Won The Kiki Challenge, Did It Underwater

Ok, we can all stop doing the Kiki Challenge. Hugh Jackman just schooled us all!
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Swimming Pool Saves Woman's Expensive China From Being Lost In The California Fires

If you're ever evacuated from your home due to fire, this is a life hack worth remembering. You can use your swimming pool as storage! With the water still in it!
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Adorable Little Boy Doesn't Quite Grasp The Idea Of Diving Off The Side Of The Swimming Pool

Diving is hard, even scary the first time around. There are so many questions. What do you do with your arms? Can you really trust that the water will catch you?
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