Texas Teacher Fired For Shooting Porn In Classroom

A substitute teacher in south Texas was recently let go from her position due to what the district is calling an “improper criminal incident.”
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Awesome Teacher Has Her Students' Artwork Put On A Dress!

As the 2019 school year is coming to an end, it's time to pick a Teacher of the Year!!!
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Teacher Tells Students They Can Bring Fruit To Class, So One Kid Brought A Whole Watermelon

Think back to your junior high days. Every teacher was different with the rules.
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Substitute Teacher Accidentally Plays Pornography For 30 Seconds During History Class

A substitute teacher in Dearborn, Michigan was just trying to show his seventh-grade history class a video about Lewis and Clark.
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Awesome Teacher Creates A Classroom Bulletin Board Featuring New Kiki Challenge Lyrics, Includes Reading & Writing

Thanks to Drake, this summer has been all about the Kiki Challenge. We've seen numerous videos of people getting out of their moving vehicles to do the dance.
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The Sun + A Parabolic Mirror = A Melted Car

Well, here's a lesson you don't want to learn the hard way.
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Teacher Returns A Letter To President Trump, Corrects All Grammatical Errors

Even the President of the United States isn't above the grammar police.
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Student Writes "I Am Groot" For Every Answer In Marvel-Themed Homework Assignment

A teacher in Wichita Falls recently asked his students to write a cover letter and accompanying résumé as a character from the Marvel universe.
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This Is The Worst Review Of A College Professor EVER!

RateMyProfessors.com is one of the greatest tools for any college student. Before you sign up for classes, you can search through reviews of your potential future professors posted by their former students. And thankfully, they do NOT hold back.
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Teacher Fired After Making Pancakes For Students During Standardized Testing

For many of Kyle Byler's students, those whole grain pancakes would be the only hot meal they'd receive that day.
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