Teens React To Using Windows 95 For The First Time: “Everything Looks So Dull And Ancient”

Kids today have no idea how easy they have it, especially when it comes to technology.
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Dallas Teen Seriously Injured After Falling Off Margaret McDermott Bridge Trying To Take A Selfie

18-year-old Triston Bailey doesn't remember much from the fall, he just knows he should consider himself lucky.
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Texas Teens Have Their Prom Pics Taken At Whataburger

Well, it's official. The Texas trend is to celebrate any and every special occasion at Whataburger.
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Teen Facing Prison Time After Shoving Friend Under Moving Bus As A "Prank"

A "prank" almost turned deadly for two teenage girls in Poland.
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Hurst Teens Head To Rockport During Spring Break To Help Rebuild After Hurricane Harvey

For some, Spring Break means vacation. For others, it's a time to help those in need.
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Teen Steals Parents' Credit Card, Rents House For Party, Causes $20,000 In Damage

A family is on the hook for $20,000 in damages, after a couples 14-year-old stole their credit card, rented a house for a party, and completely tore the place apart.
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Truck In Mud

Farmer Puts Teens To Work After Catching Them Muddin'

Kids love to play in the mud - especially if those kids have pick-up trucks.
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A Couple Of Teens Tried To Sneak Into Black Panther, One Sitting On The Other's Shoulders Wearing A Long Trench Coat & Hat

Hahahahaha! Nice try kids! We applaud your efforts.
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