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Tito's Vodka Working To Manufacture Hand Sanitizer

After telling consumers they weren't an effective alternative to hand sanitizer, Tito's Handmande Vodka is working to actually manufacture their own sanitizer, in order to make it available to the public for free.
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Survey Finds Texans Are Drinking The Most Alcohol During The COVID-19 Outbreak

A new survey has found that Texans are drinking the most alcohol during the COVID-19 outbreak.
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Dinosaur Costumes, Las Vegas Motor Speedway, 2018

San Antonio Teens Dressed As Dinosaurs Cheer Up Panicked Shoppers

After receiving the "ok" from store management, Pilar Pinilla's daughters walked around the store, dressed in those always-hilarious T-rex costumes, and brought some cheer to panicked shoppers.
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Report Finds Texas One Of The Most Prepared States For Public Health Disasters

A new report has found that Texas is one of the most prepared states in the entire country when it comes to facing a public health disaster.
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Plano Is The 2nd Happiest City In America Says New Study

WalletHub ranked the 20 Happiest Cities in the U.S., and Plano, Texas came in second.
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Lubbock Second Grader Invites Entire Class To Watch Her Adoption Ceremony

A Lubbock seven-year-old wanted her adoption day to be even more special, so she invited her entire second grade class to the courthouse to celebrate with her.
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Tito's Vodka Advises People Not To Use It As Hand Sanitizer

With hand sanitizer flying off the shelves everywhere right now, people have begun to wonder if there are other liquids that could be used just as well.
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YETI And Whataburger Team Up To Create New Tumbler

Finally, the perfect container for Texans to keep their Dr. Pepper cold.
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2020's State Fair of Texas theme logo represents Texas Icons

State Fair of Texas Announces 2020 Theme Will Be Texas Icons

Each year, the State Fair of Texas celebrates the Lone Star State's heritage. Today, they announced the 2020 theme will be Texas Icons.
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Teenager, Male, Push Ups

Texas Mother's Strong Parenting Goes Viral After Making Son Do Pushups For Backtalking

A mother in Killeen, Texas has gone viral for her strong parenting, after making her son do ten pushups in the middle of a Hobby Lobby bathroom following the "back talk of the century."
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