How Hot Is It In Texas? Hot Enough For Tortilla Chips To Spontaneously Combust

Ahhhh, there's nothing like a Texas summer. It goes from hot to hotter to hottest.
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Power Grid Demand To Break All-Time Peak Record

Texas homes and businesses set a power consumption record for July on Monday, and the demand is expected to rise into the red, along with the temperatures.
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Non-Texans Believe All Texans Know This One Trick...Finishing The Lyrics To "Deep In The Heart Of Texas"

Finish this lyric..."The stars at night, are big and bright..." Did you clap four times, then sing "Deep in the heart of Texas"?
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Rare White Rattlesnake Sighting In Texas Park Causes Panic Nationwide

Is rattlesnake season over yet?
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One Way Street

Four Streets In Fort Worth's West 7th District Become One-Way Streets

Some changes coming to Fort Worth's West 7th District you need to know about.
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Amazon Prime

"Amazon Prime Day" Will Keep Thousands Busy Today In Texas

"Amazon Prime Day" will keep thousands of employees busy today in Texas.
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How To Make Money From The New Scooter Craze In Dallas

The arrival of motorized scooters to Dallas has given people the chance to make a few quick bucks.
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Costco Location Coming Soon In McKinney

Costco says they've been looking to expand to McKinney for a long time, and they're excited to open there.
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More Texans Are Passing On Needed Treatment Due To The High Cost Of Healthcare

Staying healthy isn't cheap in Texas. Even for those with work provided healthcare.
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Check Out These Texas Rims For Your Car!

We can't get enough of Texas. Seriously, slap this great state on anything and we'll put it in our house, wear it on our shirt, and even put it on our car!
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