Working Mom Receives $9 Paycheck After Bartending for More Than 70 Hours

A working mother from Texas shared a video that has gotten people talking about pay among waitstaff and bartenders. The mother received a $9 paycheck after bartending for more than 70 hours.
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Urn, Funeral Home, Undertaker

Police Find Urn At Lubbock Goodwill, Seek Public Assistance To Return It Home

Whilst perusing your local Goodwill, we bet you'd be surprised if you happened upon an actual real urn, with the remains of an actual real person. Well, Lubbock police are faced with that exact situation, and now they are seeking the public's assistance to return them home.
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Man Handing Rose To Woman, Rose, Flower, Valentine's Day

Texas Teen Brings 170 Flowers To School So Every Girl Would Have A Valentine

15-year-old Jayme Wooley wanted to make sure every girl who attends Axtell High School felt special this Valentine's Day.
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Ribs, Baby Back Ribs, Barbecue, Sauce

Texas Family Celebrates Daughter’s First Birthday With “Rib Smash” Instead Of Cake

This San Antonio girl celebrated her first birthday not with the traditional birthday cake, but with a "Rib Smash."
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Soldier, Hug, Mom

Military Son Surprises Mother At Her Job At Athens ISD

Watching soldiers return home from service to surprise their family members is incredible, but it means something different when it happenes so close to home.
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Cockroach, Tiled Floor, White Wall

El Paso Zoo Will Name A Cockroach After Your Ex And Feed It To A Meerkat For Valentine’s Day

A Valentine’s Day tradition in El Paso will continue once again this year.
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Student, Backpack Surgical Mask

Texas A&M Student First In Texas To Be Monitored For Coronavirus

The Coronavirus originated in China, made its way to the US through Washington State, and now we have what appears to be its first appearance in Texas.
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Texas, Flag, Waving, Sunrise, Mist, Fog

Study Finds Texas One Of The Most Uneducated States In The U.S.

A study has found that Texas ranks near the bottom of educated states in the entire country!
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Navy, Aircraft Carrier, Crew, Planes

Navy To Name Aircraft Carrier After Pearl Harbor Hero Born In Waco

When the attacks were first levied against Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941, Mess Attendant 2nd Class Doris Miller immediately leapt into action.
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Squirrel, Eastern Gray Squirrel, Tree

“Bloodthirsty” Squirrel Terrorizing Texas Neighborhood, Sends Two To Hospital

A neighborhood in Houston is currently being terrorized by what local residents are calling a “bloodthirsty” squirrel.
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