Snickers, Candy, Bar, Chocolate,White Background

World’s Largest SNICKERS Bar Awarded In Waco

Waco is known for many things these days.
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Frozen, Elsa, Doll, Toy, Disney, 2020

Texas Family Haunted By “Creepy” Elsa Doll That Keeps Returning After Being Thrown Out

Houston mom Emily Madonia just can’t seem to let this go.
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Video Game, headset, Television, Screen

British Teen Having A Seizure Saved By Texan He Was Playing Video Games Online With

Aidan Jackson, a 17-year-old in Widnes, England, was playing video games in his bedroom when he had a sudden seizure.
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Sandbar Shark, Swimming, Underwater

Texas Man Catches Two 7-Foot Sandbar Sharks In One Day

It very much doesn’t feel like fishing weather outside, but that didn’t stop Ron Richmond from heading out and trying to catch a bite.
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VHS Tape,VCR, Hand

Man Locates Baby Seen Taking First Steps In Old VHS Tape

Jim McKay of Austin, Texas recently purchased a VCR at a Goodwill that happened to contain a VHS tape.
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Grand Canyon, Sunrise

Texas Man Missing In Grand Canyon Found Alive After 11 Days

58-year-old Martin Edward O'Connor of La Porte, Texas went missing while hiking in the Grand Canyon on December 22.
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Texas Style, Barbecue Pit

Texas Ranked As The Best Food State In The Nation

It's not hard to find a decent place to eat when you live in the Lone Star State.
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Christmas Trees, Trash, Pickup, Dead, Front Yard, Curb

Texas Man Asking For Old Christmas Trees So He Can Fashion Them Into Canes For Veterans

We already know of several great ways to give your Christmas tree a second life after the holiday season, but a man in Central Texas may have the best solution of them all.
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Dallas, Texas, Skyline, Sunset, Aerial, Drone

New Survey Ranks Dallas As The Rudest City In Texas

We've got a bone to pick with Business Insider .
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Drug Smuggler, Arrested, Handcuffs, Bag, Drugs

Man Named Luke Skywalker Arrested For Pot Possession In Texas

Luke Skywalker is having quite the week.
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