Texas Walmart Places “Armed” Guard To Protect All The Blue Bell Ice Cream

Though the ice cream licker has been identified, another Texas store is making sure their Blue Bell remains safe in these hectic times.
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Cameras Capture Giant Snake Ringing Doorbell Of Texas Home

It appears that the snakes are trying to beat the Texas heat, too. A family in Converse, TX received a notification in the middle of the night from their Ring Camera that there was activity at their front door. Upon checking the footage, they noticed a gigantic snake had slithered up the wall, and...
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Whataburger Opens Its First-Ever Location Inside DFW Airport

Whataburger is still Texas' favorite restaurant, which makes it rather odd it's taken so long for this to happen.
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'Armed' Walmart Employee Stationed to Guard Freezer from Ice Cream Lickers

Police are still on the lookout for the woman who licked a tub of Blue Bell ice cream and placed it back on the shelf of a grocery store freezer.
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Man Wearing Tiny Panties Caught On Ring Camera In Wylie

Can we all agree that the Ring doorbell is the greatest thing to ever come out of Shark Tank? Why? We have an endless supply of viral videos. We've seen everything from stealing packages to a dude licking a doorbell for three hours.
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Texas Woman Is Banned From Wal-Mart After Eating Half A Cake In Store And Refuses To Pay Full Price

Police in Wichita Falls, Texas received a call from a local Wal-Mart about a woman refusing to pay for a cake that she ate in the store.
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Texas Teacher Fired For Shooting Porn In Classroom

A substitute teacher in south Texas was recently let go from her position due to what the district is calling an “improper criminal incident.”
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Prosper's Crystal Lagoon Will Open This Friday!

Summer is probably the hardest season for parents. Why? Because you're constantly trying to find things to do around DFW. Not to mention, kid vacations can get expensive.
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Check Out The Best Memes About The Whataburger/Chicago Sale

It's been a rough couple of weeks for the great state of Texas. Our beloved Whataburger, which is a treasure and a state institution was sold off to a company in Chicago. It's just wrong on every level.
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New Law Means Stealing Packages Off Porches In Texas Is A Felony

Porch pirates, beware!
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