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Texas Senior Throws Pizza Party For The Homeless Instead Of Having A Graduation Party

Texas teen Leanne Carrasco wanted to make sure she gave back following her high school graduation.
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Nothing Says A Texas Summer Like Flip Flops With Spurs

Things are really starting to heat up in Texas. However, just because it's hot doesn't mean you can't still dress Texas.
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Coolest Bruise EVER! It's Shaped Like Texas!

We'll be the first to admit that when it comes to all things Texas...we can be pretty annoying. Why? Because we love this great state! And naturally, we want to convert all the newcomers!
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And The Winner Of The Voice Is...

The odds favored North Texas in the finals of The Voice last night. Actually we had two of the top 4 finalists! Andrew Sevener is from Alvarado and Maelyn Jarmon grew up in Frisco.
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Matthew McConaughey Finally Got His High School Diploma

Matthew McConaughey has finally received his high school diploma. And it only took 30 years to get it.
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Today's Weather Is Cloudy With A Chance Of Guacamole

If you were hoping for a beautiful weekend...sorry, it won't be. That is unless you LOVE guacamole!
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Whataburger Hires Wall Street Firm To Explore Options

Is Whataburger for sale? Could be.
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Gas Buddy Once Again Votes Buc-ee's As The Best Bathrooms In Texas

Whether you're from Texas, recently moved here, or just passing through...you know about Buc-ee's. It's the greatest place on Earth. And it's not just because of their beaver nuggets. The real draw are those gloriously clean bathrooms!
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Texas Teachers Stay Overnight To Cook Hot Meals And Take Care Of Students Stuck Due To Storms

Tuesday, hundreds of students in Southeast Texas were stuck at school due to flooding.
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This Meme Perfectly Sums Up The Highways In DFW

Fact: the traffic in DFW can get a little insane.
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