Snow, Field, Cattle, Longhorn, Texas

It’s Hard To Believe, But It’s Snowing In Texas!

It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were all suffering through near 100 degree days.
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Laundry Room, White Appliances, Wicker Basket

Woman Gives Birth In Laundry Room By Candlelight During North Texas Tornado

The Bump Birthing Center in Rowlett couldn’t wait for Sunday’s tornado to pass before delivering newborns into the world.
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Fired From America: Breaking BACK Into Prison

Today, Miles in the Morning fired from America a group of Beaumont prisoners, who got busted breaking BACK into jail...
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Postal Worker Honors Wife's Request to Hide Packages From Husband

Some of us may be guilty of swiping our cards a bit too much for online shopping. For one woman, she was swiping so much, she wanted to hide it from her husband. A Facebook post is gaining a lot of attention after a Texas woman shared how a postal worker got her message with her doormat. Ebony...
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Louis Vuitton, Store, New Bond Street, London, 2018

Louis Vuitton To Open Leather Workshop In Texas

Fashion brand Louis Vuitton is on an ongoing quest to “meet the ever-growing demand for Louis Vuitton products in the American market.”
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Simone Biles, Gold Medal, Women's All-Around Final, 2019 FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Championships

Simone Biles Becomes The Most Decorated Gymnast In World Championships History

Simone Biles reigns supreme.
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Football, Player, Kid, Youth, Pee Wee Football

Texas 10-Year-Old Leads Football Team To Victory With Impassioned Speech

Lane Bridges knew exactly what to say to pump his team.
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Female, Pilots, Cockpit, Airplane

All-Female Flight Crew Flies 120 Girls To NASA Headquarters To Inspire Female Aviators

A Delta flight manned by an all-female crew, carrying 120 girls to NASA headquarters wanted to encourage more girls to enter into a career that many feel is a “male-dominated industry.”
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Fire, Building, Firefighters, Flames

Children Set Fire To Texas Motel After Babysitter Steps Out To Get Pizza

At a Motel 6 in Spring, Texas was set ablaze a couple of days ago, after a couple of kids accidentally lit a bed on fire while playing with a lighter.
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Nobel Prize, Chemistry, Presentation, 2019

Professor At University Of Texas At Austin Wins Nobel Prize In Chemistry

A professor at the University of Texas is one of the latest recipients of a hallowed Nobel Prize.
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