P!NK Is A Big Fan Of Buc-ee's

This Sunday night, March 24th, P!NK will take the stage at the America Airlines Center. As her tour passes through Texas, she and her family stumbled onto a Texas staple...Buc-ee's!!!
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George W. Bush Made His First Hole In One!

Former President of the United States, George W. Bush is celebrating a major golf milestone!
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This Texas Vineyard Is Letting Guests Drink Wine With Alpacas

The Peach Creek Vineyard will be letting guests hang out and pet alpacas while sipping their award-winning wine.
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A Longhorn Walked Into A Pet Store...That's It

Nope, this is not the beginning of a joke. A real-life longhorn walked into a pet store. And in Texas, no less.
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This Meme Perfectly Sums Up Texans & Bluebonnets

California is currently experiencing a superbloom at Lake Elsinore. The poppies are so spectacular it's causing traffic jams.
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El Arroyo's Latest Restaurant Sign Pokes Fun At Texas A&M And The College Bribery Scam

El Arroyo in Austin is pretty well known for their delicious Tex-Mex. However it's their snarky roadside signs that make keep making the headlines.
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The Vans Challenge Gets A Texas Twist With Cowboy Boots!

Last week the Vans Challenge went viral. Everybody with a social media account was throwing their shoes up in the air just to see if they land on their soles. Basically, it's the shoe equivalent of a cat always landing on its feet.
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James Hetfield, Metallica, Singing, Concert, El Paso, Don Haskins Center, 2019

Metallica Performs Emotional “Here Comes Revenge” Live For The First Time Ever During Stop in Texas

Metallica wrote “Here Comes Revenge” for a couple whose young daughter, a Metallica super fan, was tragically killed by a drunk driver.
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Pop-Up Taco Museum Makes Its Way To Texas For SXSW

If you're going to make your way down 35 to take in SXSW, make sure to block off some time to visit Tacotopia.
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Whomp, Whomp! Watch Joanna Gaines' Adorable Gymnastics Fail

We love, love, love, Chip and Joanna Gaines! And it's not just because they make beautiful houses. We love EVERYTHING about them! Even their fails.
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