Dallas Thieves Give Up Stealing Large Television After Failing To Fit It In Their Car

Dallas police are on the lookout for two thieves who did not manage to steal a television from a North Texas home.
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Thinking About Stealing A Package? You Might Get A Glitter Bomb Instead

Tis the season for stealing packages. But let's flip the script. Homeowners, here's your chance for revenge!
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Dallas Police Looking For Puppy Thieves Who Stole Dog From Firefighter's Backyard

Police are on the lookout for two individuals who stole a French Mastiff puppy from a Dallas firefighter’s backyard.
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[WATCH] Thieves Make Off With $27,000 From An Apple Store In Just 30 Seconds

A group of thieves in California made off with thousands in Apple products during a store heist.
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Southlake DPS Is Trolling Criminals Again, Posts A Fake Conversation Between 3 Women Who Stole From 8 Stores In Town Square

The Southlake DPS is at it again. Props to their social media personnel who does an excellent job of shaming criminals.
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John Stamos' Pregnant Fiance' Robbed Before Their Wedding This Weekend

John Stamos and finance/soon-to-be-his-baby's mama Caitlin McHugh are getting married this weekend! That's the good news. Here comes the bad... :(. TMZ reports robbers allegedly broke in Caitlin's Beverly Hill's Hotel bungalow yesterday while she was out and took $165,000 in jewelry... on loan.....
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