The Tonight Show

Russell Crowe, Red Carpet, Beard, Gladiator - In Concert, 2018

Russell Crowe's Kids Refused To Quarantine With Him So They Could Still Use Uber Eats

While Russell Crowe is quarantining in the Australian outback his kids decided to stay in Sydney, as they wanted to be closer to Uber Eats.
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John Travolta, Bald, Talking, Sanremo Young, 2019

Jimmy Fallon Challenges John Travolta To See Who Does The Best Impression Of John Travolta

It's truly a battle for the ages.
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Watch Chrissy Teigen & Jimmy Fallon Hilariously Lose It While Playing "Can You Feel It?"

Hands down, one of the best bits on The Tonight Show is "Can You Feel It?".
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Watch Jonas Brothers Play "Sucker" on Classroom Instruments for 'The Tonight Show'

The boys go back to school with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots
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Aerosmith Recreates "Walk This Way" Using Classroom Instruments With Jimmy Fallon

Maracas and Adidas set the rhythm for the rockers
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Matthew McConaughey's Trip To The Grand Canyon Ended With Him Fighting A Ram

Matthew McConaughey stopped by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday night to promote his new movie, White Boy Rick. Of course, while he was there he played a little game called "True Confessions with Jimmy and Tarik Trotter from The Roots.
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Jimmy Fallon & Paul McCartney Had Some Fun Surprising People In Elevators

Paul McCartney is in New York for a special free concert that he’s showing on YouTube tonight.
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Jimmy Fallon Picks Up The Check for Nearby Diners Who Left Him Alone

If you ever should see Jimmy Fallon at a restaurant, try to sit nearby.
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Ariana Grande Pays Tribute To Aretha Franklin With A Cover Of "Natural Woman"

After a tribute like this, Ariana Grande can lick all the dang donuts she wants!
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Leon Bridges and Neil Young

Leon Bridges Delivers Soulful Cover of Neil Young’s “Helpless”

Watch Leon Bridges give a soulful spin to Neil Young's classic rock track.
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