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Man Creates "Virtual Traffic Jam" Rolling A Wagon Full Of Cell Phones Around Downtown Berlin

A German artist proved just how easy it is to create a virtual traffic jam, and all it takes is a wagon full of cell phones opened to Google Maps.
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A Third Of All People Are Already Stressed When They Get To Work Because Of Their Commute

According to a new survey, a third of all Americans are already stressed by the time they get to work simply because of their commute.
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Manure Spill Makes Roads Slick, Causes Traffic Problems In Arlington

If you happened to be driving along southbound 360 and the westbound I-20 exit ramp in Arlington Thursday afternoon, you might have run into some delays.
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Thanksgiving Ahead, Blue Road Sign, Highway, Bridge

Two HUGE Storms Could Threaten Your Thanksgiving Travel Plans

Unbelievably, Thanksgiving is just a week away.
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Downtown Dallas, Skyline. Evening, Highway, Driving, Traffic

Dallas Ranks As The Third Most Dangerous City In The Nation For Drivers

No it’s not just you, as there’s a reason your commute every morning seems more chaotic than usual.
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Street, Tire Marks, Donuts, Skid Marks, Road

Street Racers Block Traffic On Woodall Rodgers To Do Donuts On The Highway

Last weekend, Woodall Rodgers was temporarily shut down, halting all the traffic in the process.
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Driver Filmed Sleeping While Tesla Speeds Down Highway On Autopilot

You'll never know what you see when you're racing down a busy highway in rush hour traffic.
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Traffic Jam, Narrow Street, Cars

Man Holding Signs Asking To Merge Unlocks The Greatest Driving Hack Of All Time

A man in Los Angeles may have just come up with the most genius driving hack of all time.
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Downtown Dallas, Skyline. Evening, Highway, Driving, Traffic

Study Finds That North Texas Drivers Spend An Average Of Three Days Every Year Stuck In Traffic

If you ever feel like you spend entirely too much time sitting in your car stuck in traffic, you are.
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Frozen Chicken Shuts Down I-20 After Semi-Truck Overturns In Arlington

We already have enough traffic problems in North Texas without this news from Arlington.
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