One Way Street

Four Streets In Fort Worth's West 7th District Become One-Way Streets

Some changes coming to Fort Worth's West 7th District you need to know about.
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Car Horn

Here's The Perfect Car Horn For Southern Drivers!

Driving in Texas can be rough at times. Anytime between 9am-7pm is rush hour, really, and you're bound to encounter an errant driver who isn't really paying attention to the road.
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Dallas Drivers Stuck In The High Five Closure On Thursday, Got Out Of Their Cars & Went To Whataburger

So you may have heard about the high five closure in Dallas on Thursday afternoon. Every intersecting highway was shut down in all directions due to a hazmat spill. Sadly, the incident left commuters stuck for hours.
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Dallas Looking To Regulate Bike-Share Companies

The Dallas City Council is considering ways to regulate bikeshare operators.
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Woman Bored In Traffic, Gets Out Of Her Car For A Dance Session

Here's a video that pretty much sums up our feelings about Fridays.
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Traveling For Memorial Day? You Might Want To Avoid Leaving At These Times!

According to AAA, there will be more than 41.5 million will be traveling during Memorial Day weekend, nearly a 5% increase from 2017. And we betcha it'll feel like that increase will all be in DFW!
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Marathon Runners

Woman Ignores Road Closures And Drives Into Marathon Runners (Video)

The Plymouth Half Marathon took place this past weekend in the United Kingdom, and apparently, the whole town of Plymouth knew of it except for one, sole woman.
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Driving In Traffic

Man Banned From Driving After Turning On Autopilot And Sitting In Passenger's Seat On Highway

Ok, just so we're all 100% clear. Just because your car has some kind of feature called "autopilot," or the like, you still have to drive the vehicle.
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Dallas Council Pauses On Allowing Electric Scooters

The Dallas City Council wants to wait before allowing electric scooters on city streets.
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Dallas Driver's Car Dies Block Traffic; Driver Creates Video Apologizing

On Monday a Dallas Driver's car died on i35 causing them to block traffic. Luckily for the driver they were rescued by a Dallas County Sheriff Courtesy Patrol, and luckily for us they caught they whole thing on video.
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