VIDEO: See Rare Sighting of Pink Dolphin With Calf by Her Side

(ALT 103.7) Spotting a dolphin in the ocean is a rare and exciting experience, but spotting a pink dolphin is almost unheard of. That’s why when someone spotted a famous pink dolphin with a pink calf they were downright shocked. Pinky, a famous pink dolphin found in Louisiana was recently caught on...
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Let's Play A Game! 80's Music Taught Me...

Being the 80's station here in DFW, we are all over EVERYTHING 80's! That includes, of course, those random topics on Twitter.
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Don't Panic! Betty White Is Only Trending Because It's Her Birthday!

Happy 97th birthday to greatest woman on Earth, the lovely and talented Betty White!!!
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Woman Accidentally Finds Hidden Engagement Ring Then Complains About It On Social Media

This week a story about a woman finding an engagement ring her boyfriend was planning on proposing with and complaining about it on social media is making it's way around the internet.
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Terry Crews

Terry Crews Answers The Internet's Most Searched Questions About Himself

Trending #8 on YouTube today is Terry Crews auto-completed interview!
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1980's Girl Chewing Gum

These Are Definitely ALL Of Your "Deep Thoughts" From The '80s

Tons of people had fun exploring their "deep thoughts," like the stores we used to shop in, to always remember to "be kind rewind," and how the Sony Walkman is the greatest invention ever.
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The Cranberries' Music Sales Up 900K% Since Dolores O’Riordan’s Sudden Death

On Monday, we lost Dolores O'Riordan, lead singer of The Cranberries. For most 90s kids, The Cranberries were it. So naturally, we all started listening to The Cranberries again.
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